At the beginning of April 2010, the construction work started at the SDARM Camp, which is scheduled to host the General Conference Session in the summer of 2011.

For the accommodation of the workers, there have been prepared some dormitories, as well as a kitchen, a dining room, and a room for bathing.

First, the building place was marked and then the excavations for the foundation began. Afterwards the concrete foundation of half of the surface was laid upon which the outer and inner walls of the ground floor were built; now preparations are being made for the first floor.

In the same time, we have also prepared the other half of the surface of the foundation of the actual building; here the foundation for the kitchen and terrace are being prepared, over which the concrete layer is about to be built.

A platform was brought, which will be used for the construction of the bridge crossing the river, in order to facilitate an easier access from the main road.

Given the presence of some larger building machines, the lake got cleaned and unsilted, the dam got fortified, and the place got prepared for the lake to be arranged.

We thank God for the noticeable progress made in a relatively short time, and we also thank, all those who have chosen to support, in a way or another, this work to the honour of His Name.

As the needs are great and numerous, and the time is limited, any contribution is appreciated, and we believe that the Lord will abundantly bless the sacrifices.

Details regarding the procedures of making donations can be found under “Donations” or you can ask on the telephone of the Secretary Office of the Church (Tel: 0040-268-212818).

May the Lord bless you!