Victorious Youth

Between September 21-23, 2012 the SDARM Campus in Porumbacu, Romania, hosted the Youth Convention of the South Ardeal Field, with the topic, „Victorious Youth”. „We will rejoice in thy victory, and in the name of our God we will set up [our] banners” (Psalms 20:5 Romanian translation).
The convention opened on Friday, at 7 P.M. after which we discussed about the things that we consider we need to overcome in our lives. For the morning worship on Sabbath, each sleeping room prepared an encouragement Bible verse on the topic of the convention. The Sabbath School was organized in 2 classes, due to the fact that we also had visitors from other fields. After the Sabbath School, we had the divine service, conducted by br. Cristian Paulescu. The topic of his sermon was „Re-trace Your Path”; we were urged to:

1. Decide what is important
2. Have a daily schedule to use time wisely



Conferința „Tineri înving­ă­tori” Cristi Paulescu Conferința „Tineri înving­ă­tori” Jocuri Tigrul Zebra Copii Lacul

“Feed my lambs” was the first commission entrusted to Peter after his denial of Christ, as a sign that his repentance was accepted. As fulfillment of this urging, different camp meetings for children and teenagers have been organized in several fields of the Romanian Union in the last few years. During summer these take a larger, if possible, national character. So, this summer such a Teenagers Camp Meeting took place at the SDARM Campus in Porumbacu, in August 5-8 with 60 teenagers present. They were encouraged to develop healthful habits of exercising, rest, eating, of diligence, order, mutual politeness and respect, Scripture memorizing, Christian ministry and fellowship. They did many things together: they studied, sang, prayed, had debates and workshops, cleaned the banks of a nearby river, went hiking, canvassing, and became friends!

Between August 22-26, 2010, the SDARM Campus in Porumbacu hosted a children’s camp, attended by about 40 children who enjoyed the trips, courses, games and relaxation opportunities which were offered. The great majority left for their homes with the thought to come back again, as soon as possible, to meet their friends and continue the […]

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From 19th to 30th, July 2009, a holiday camp for children was organized on the camp property, where numerous young people of the Union took part. The accommodation was in tents and in the chalet, and the program included Bible studies, hiking on the mountain paths of the area, games, campfire, etc.
We thank everyone who supported in a way […]