From 14th—16th August, the SDARM Camp in Porumbacu hosted a large Youth Convention, most of the brethren being glad to spend some days in fellowship with their Creator, with nature and with one another.

Though most of the attendants slept in tents and the program took place in a big tent with wooden structure covered with tarpaulin, most of the brethren enjoyed the meeting, though they had to face rain as well during the first two days.

The program having as a special guest brother Paul Balbach culminated with the baptism of 5 young souls in the river flowing in the close neighbourhood.

On Sunday afternoon, part of the young people started hiking towards the crest of the Făgăraş Mountain, returning tired, yet glad, after their outing in nature.

The following young people made a covenant with the Lord through baptism: Tabita and Ioana, two young ladies from the church in Brasov, Simona, a young lady from the church in Bran, Robert, a young man from the church in Dridif, and Cornel from the church in Macea, Arad.

Though on Friday the number of the people assembled was about 350, on Sunday even more guests came, specially for this event, the baptism.

It was performed in the river Porumbacu, bordering the camp site, and it was officiated by Brother Paul Balbach.

Beside the guests assembled specially for this meeting, the baptism was also attended by the neighbours who were enjoying their weekend on the other brink of the river. They left every other thing they were doing, and watched attentively the performing of the ceremony.

May the Lord bless all the recently baptized members of our church with strength and faith, so they can be prominent witnesses for Him in this world. May He also bless the seed of the gospel sown in the heart of many on this opportunity.